Corporate Finance and Investment

Our corporate finance and investment consultancy services are focused on Malaysia's capital market covering both equity and debt. We assist in the following areas:

We act as independent business and market research consultants for corporate exercises such as IPO and RTO where we undertake the following:

  • Business overview;
  • Independent industry assessment;
  • Management discussion and analysis; and
  • Business risks.

These reports are incorporated into prospectuses, shareholders' circulars and information memorandums. We have assisted companies in their IPO and listing in the Main, ACE and LEAP markets of Bursa Securities. To-date, we have assisted approximately 122 public listed companies in their corporate exercises, most of which were for their IPO. They include the following companies:

We are the most established independent business consulting and market research firm, since we commenced providing corporate finance and investment consultancy services in 1996. We have deep knowledge in positioning companies, and clear understanding of the processes in meeting the expectations and requirements of the Securities Commission, Bursa Securities and other authorities, as well as investors.