Business Consulting

Our business consulting services are focused on helping our clients develop or assess business opportunities.

Developing business opportunities

When new opportunity arises, there is a need to create and formalise the business model, strategies and operational plans as well as to ascertain the commercial viability, financial attractiveness and industry prospects of the opportunity. We encapsulate this process into a business plan or disclosure document. These reports are commonly used for business execution as well as to attract joint-venture partners, solicit equity investments and obtain debt financing. We provide the following consulting services:

  • Business Plan: We help formulate winning business and financial models, competitive strategies, and operations and marketing plans, as well as identify and address industry opportunities and mitigate business and industry risks.
  • Master Plan: We create highly differentiated, sustainable and winning developments that appeal to investors and property buyers to maximise take-up. We help formulate land use, composition of property types, optimise premises plan and provide engineering considerations to meet the needs of target groups such as industrialists. We also assist in developing and implementing marketing plans. Our master plan includes business and financial plan to ensure successful implementation.
  • Information Memorandum: We develop a prospectus-type document detailing all aspects of the business operations including financial attractiveness, and prospects of the industry to facilitate informed assessment by potential joint-venture partners, equity investors and financiers, or purchasers of the business.
    The above incorporates business review/plan, financial modelling, forecasting and assessment, as well as industry/market prospect assessment.

Assessing business opportunities

  • Feasibility study: We ascertain business, financial and industry viability as well as attractiveness of business opportunities.
  • Commercial due diligence: We conduct critical and independent assessment of target acquisitions to ascertain business sustainability, growth potential, corporate governance, industry attractiveness, and business and industry risk profile.
  • Valuation: We quantify the monetary value of brands and intellectual properties as well as valuation of businesses. Such valuations are commonly used for equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, and sales of businesses.